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Kodak Professional Lustre Paper
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Album Name: (ex. Megan & Jim)
Album Type/Size:

(Example: One 12x12 Client album, two 8x8 Parent albums, or whatever the case may be)
Album Sides: (1 spread = 2 sides) List total number of Album Sides:
Paper Choice Kodak Lustre Paper with a center gutter split (black or white) Fuji Lustre Paper with the center crease (no gutter)

If selecting Fuji paper:
Check this box to confirm your understanding that these pages cannot be repaired if you or your client were to make a mistake. Only standard size page boards can be used for creased albums.

Is this a right or left start album? Left Start (full spread) Right Start (single page)
Does this album have a cover image?

Yes No

If Yes, describe cover image location and send a mock-up file:
Album Cover Material: See all cover materials on our site
Leatherette Album Cover Leatherette Choice:
Fabric Album Cover Fabric Choice:
Leather Album Cover:
Leather Choice:
Japanese Book Cloth Album Cover Japanese Book Cloth Choice:
Page Board Thickness (select one) Thin (8pt in thickness) can go up to 110 sides (55 spreads)
Standard (18pt in thickness) can go up to 80 sides (40 spreads)
Thick (35pt in thickness) can go up to 36 sides (18 spreads)
Gutter Color
The WCA default gutter color is black. If you would like white gutters, please check here:
White Gutters
Studio Logo Stamp: If you have a Logo Die Stamp set up with WCA, do you want this album stamped? Yes No
Additional Options If Desired:
Custom Album Box (with recessed image)
Designate Album Box Color for Custom Box
If a Custom Box is NOT checked then a generic black box is provided.
Brown    Silver    Green    Orange    Black    Blue   
Custom boxes can be made with any of the Japanese Book Cloth options. Please write in your color choice:
Split Front Cover Back & Spine: Front:
Cover Foil (black/silver/gold/white) or Embossing

Click to view font samples
Foil Color: Black Silver Gold White
24 pt. Helvetica 30 pt. Helvetica 42 pt. Helvetica
Either upload a mockup along with your other artwork or describe the location of the lettering below:
Spine Foil Stamping Names:
Foil Color: Black Silver Gold White
Full Aluminum Cover Yes (please provide file)
Recessed Aluminum Plate on Cover Yes (please provide file)
Please list any additional information