The Malibu Album

West Coast Albums is an innovative print and binding company. We offer The Malibu Album (Kodak Lustre Paper or Fuji Seamless Creased Album) and The Huntington Album (Fine Art Archival Paper). Our albums have a contemporary timeless look with a recessed cover image if desired. We also offer a full image metal print cover for both albums at an additional cost.

The handmade internal binding and page mounting for our albums utilize the highest quality materials and construction.

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Handmade Album Boxes

West Coast Albums offers very artistic and beautiful handmade album boxes. Each album box displays the identical recessed image, size and location on the top which matches the album cover. We can also create an album box without the recessed image.

The assortment of colors including dark brown, tropical green, vibrant orange rust and silver. The interior of the album box is lined with black satin material. The custom size boxes are created to match each album size. These gorgeous boxes make the perfect promotional presentation to your clientele.