*** Welcome to the West Coast Albums Upload Page ***

If you have not set up an account with WCA, please fill out this form before uploading your first album.
Your account will be set up and our representative will contact you.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Before uploading your album, the following specs must be adhered to or your album cannot be placed into production.


  1. FILES: We require JPEG files at 300 dpi. No PSD, PDF or TIFF files. Color space sRGB.
  2. NO overbleed is necessary for photo or fine art printing. For example a 14x11 horizontal album spread should be sized 28x11 @300dpi (not 28.25x11.25). A single side should be 14x11 @300dpi.
  3. Please have your files numbered in sequence from 01 as they will appear in the album. If you removed a spread from the album design please note that on the Order Form.


  1. The Malibu Album: Full bleed or crossing the gutter with images is fine. Please keep NON Full Bleed images a minimum of 1/2" from all four edges.
  2. The Bel Air Album: Same as The Malibu Album.
  3. The Huntington Album: Please set your guides at 1" from all four sides of your spreads and 1" from the center gutter. NO FULL BLEED IMAGES. NO CROSSING OVER THE GUTTER. The Cover Image (if you have one) need to have a minimum of a 30 pixel white border.
  4. WCA FINE ART PHOTO/BOX: Please see the price sheet for the necessary specs.

    If your Malibu or Huntington album has a cover image, please include:
    1. Your cover image cropped to size (View Sample). Plus a mock up file. (View Sample)
      Note: Cover images for the Huntington Fine Art albums needs a 30 pixel or greater white border on them.

    2. For the Bel Air photo wrap cover. Please send us an email and we’ll send you the specs needed for the photo wrap. (mohsensaeedy@ymail.com)


  1. Create a folder on your hard drive with the name of your project. Please include:
    1. All your album spreads.
    2. Your album cover image and cover mock-up file or full photo wrap file. If there is to be no image of the cover, please note that on the order form.
  2. Fill out either the Malibu, Huntington or Bel Air order form on our Upload Page then hit submit.
  3. On the next page, click the WeTransfer link and attach your files. Let it run until all your files are uploaded. If you don’t have a WeTransfer account, please register with them. It is free of charge.
  4. You will receive a confirmation from WeTransfer that your upload was successful. You will also receive an e-mail from WCA after your upload has been checked and set-up for production.
  5. If you have any questions, please call (626-253-0335) or email West Coast Albums (mohsensaeedy@ymail.com).